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Buy Nerium | Where to Buy Nerium | Buy Nerium AD

Buyer Beware of Amazon, eBay!

DO NOT Buy Nerium AD on Amazon, eBay or other online auction sites. Individuals selling it on those sites are doing so illegally, against company policy and are being shutdown.

There are complaints from customers indicating they have purchased it from these sites only to receive half-empty (sampled) bottles. Also, the sellers selling it on these sites are not morally bound and can easily fill an empty bottle of NeriumAD with a fake cream and sell it to you.

You will not save money from purchasing from these sites. They are selling it for the same price, or more, than you would get here as a referred customer with Nerium International and it’s brand partners. Also, by ordering NeriumAD here and from a registered company brand partner,  you are covered by the company’s 30-day, money back guarantee, and you instantly qualify to take part in the 3URFREE program and get your product for free for life. These places are not where to buy nerium.

Neither of these programs are available to you if you buy from Amazon, eBay, any other site or someone who is not a brand partner.

Play it safe and become a Nerium International preferred customer here and try it FREE for 30 days. If you are not completely happy with your results, you are now free and eligible to return it  for a full refund – no questions asked!

Be an aware buyer and make a risk free purchase!

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Tammy Carmical
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  • Nina

    Reply Reply February 17, 2015

    Hi i would like to know if u ship to england as i am very intrested

    • Tammy Carmical

      Reply Reply February 17, 2015

      I’m sorry Nina, as of now the company does not ship to the UK, but I’m sure they will soon! Nerium International has already expanded into Canada and Mexico and soon in Asia and South Anerica. So it won’t be long! I will let you know as soon as they do or if I can find a work-around :)
      Thank you for your comment!

  • Jojo

    Reply Reply June 28, 2015

    Hii i am very interested to your product i would like to know if you ship to lebanon

  • daleen

    Reply Reply July 26, 2015

    What about South Africa…… we would also be interrested to buy your product.

  • Patti Colwell

    Reply Reply August 13, 2015

    I just wanted to compliment you on your website. Is it possible you could share who you had to help develop it. Or
    are you the developer? Great Job all the same.

    • Tammy Carmical

      Reply Reply February 16, 2016

      Thank you for the compliment Patti! I developed it. A lot of work, but fun as well. 😀

  • muhammad taj

    Reply Reply May 22, 2016

    hi i am from pakistan
    i want to purchase face cream.
    plz tell me how i purchase this product
    and price???

  • Christine dufffy

    Reply Reply August 10, 2016

    Do they give free samples to try it’s expensive if like to make sure I like it ?

    • Tammy Carmical

      Reply Reply August 10, 2016

      If you have a brand partner locally, I’m sure they would allow you to use a bottle for a few days. If not, I recommend you take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee – no questions asked. Keep in mind this is a one-step, one bottle system. So you are only buying one product instead of several. This saves you lots of money!
      Thank you for your question and feel free to contact me anytime. :)

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