What is Relationship Marketing, Direct Sales-12 Reasons to Jump In Now

What is Relationship Marketing
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What is Relationship MarketingRelationship marketing and direct sales are nearly one in the same by definition – “the marketing and sales of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location. Normally with personal presentation, demonstration and sale of products and services to consumers, usually in their homes or at their jobs.”

Relationship marketing and direct sales generate $125 billion dollars annually in global sales. It is established in 150+ countries and more than 75 million people worldwide are involved in relationship marketing and direct sales, growing at 10 to 12% a year.

Anyone can make a lot of money in relationship marketing and direct sales. It doesn’t matter what your background is, what training you’ve had, or what your resume looks like. Pretty much anyone can enter this field and ANYONE can earn as much money as they what to make. These business models are probably the only money making ideas that allows unlimited earning potential to nearly anyone on the quest for it. 

The biggest reason people are coming into direct sales and relationship marketing now is because they want control of their life. They want a quality of life. This business model offers just that. It can be very financially rewarding, a lot of fun and comes with a lot of perks.

12 Reasons Relationship Marketing and Direct Sales Are Top
Money Making Ideas

What is Relationship Marketing

  1. Flexible – Set your own hours and build and manage your business from anywhere.
  2. Lifestyle – Freedom of lifestyle makes relationship marketing and direct sales the ultimate home-based business. With unlimited income, your lifestyle can be what ever you want to be.
  3. Time Freedom – The freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Travel, spend more time with family, It’s completely up to you.
  4. Leveraged Residual Income – This one is a biggy! If you understand the power of residual income, you will knock down walls to get it and it will keep you up at night! Enjoy residual income on the sales production of your entire organization forever! You’re not only getting paid on your efforts, but every one is getting paid on the efforts of an entire group. Working smarter, not harder is the philosophy here. Would you rather get paid for 100% of your own efforts, or 100% of everyone’s effort? You may very well only have done 1% of the work, but will continue to get paid on 100% of the group’s work for life.
  5. Unlimited Earning potential – There is no ceiling to the income you can make in direct sales/relationship marketing. You decide how much or how little you want to earn. It’s all up to you and your efforts. When you invest the time and effort into your business, you get paid for years and years for the same work, over and over again.
  6. Limited Risk – The amount of financial commitment is minimal compared to the cost to start a traditional business. Costs to join a relationship marketing or direct sales company are normally minimal. Also, normally, you will get the same amount of product as it cost you to join. These cost is normally the actual “cost” in cost the company to produce the products and package to get your business started.
  7. No Boss- You are the owner and manager of your own direct sales/relationship marketing business. You only answer to yourself.
  8. No Employees – No people to manage, no accounts to manage, no overhead, and no inventory. That’s music to a business owners ears! It’s business ownership without business headaches. Relationship marketing/direct sales is a business of people independently working together as a team. No one is telling anyone what to do or when to do it.
  9. Low Operating Cost – Your direct sales/relationship marketing business operates at low cost compared to any other traditional business model. No brick and mortar to maintain and very little out-of-pocket expenses.
  10. What is Relationship MarketingHUGE Tax benefits – Did you know you can get an additional $3,000 – $6,000 more back on your tax return every year just by owning a home-based business? Direct sales businesses are home-based and are awarded many deductions and special tax privileges. Click here to find out more about the HUGE tax benefits for relationship maketing/direct sales businesses.
  11. No Experience Required – You don’t need any prior direct sales or relationship marketing experience to be successful. Actually, most successful people in the industry do not. As a matter of fact, the ones doing the best are the ones who have no prior experience at all. That’s what they call “ignorance on fire!” Some people that have the experience don’t do as well because they are not open to new ideas and new training.
  12. Buy Products at Wholesale Prices – As a distributor of a relationship marketing or direct sales company or product, you are able to buy the products at a fraction of the normal retail prices. Think about it … A satisfied customer is the best person to market a product!

Look for these four principles when looking for a relationship marketing or direct sales product or company to run with:

  • Huge Expanding Market – it doesn’t matter how good you are in a business that’s eroding. Chose a business and product that is greatly expanding.
  • Unique Consumable Product – If you don’t have a unique product, than you are competing on price and convenience. The more unique, the less competition. If you have uniqueness, than people must come to you. Chose a product that is consumable. If you have a non-consumable product, you are basically unemployed until your next sale. You want the repeat sales of consumable products. Those repeating commissions pay you over and over and again and again.

What is direct sales

  • Trends and Timing – During all cycles of the economy, there are people who are making money and people losing money. The “makers” are the ones in front of large trends. The “losers” disregard trends. How do you stay in front of large trends? You study what creates them. By far, in this generation it’s the baby bombers are who are now creating a lot of the large trends. There are now a billion baby boomers and they are now in their 50s and make up 1/3 of the population. They also control 65% of all the money. Focus on products and companies that cater to their needs and wants.
  • Compensation and Training – Different companies have different compensation plans. This is a very broad subject for a separate post. Do your research and make sure the company offers a lucrative compensation plan and something you feel will work for you. Training is one of the most important aspects to any direct sales/relationship marketing program. In order to be successful, a good training program must be in place. Training should be easy and duplicatable. The faster you get up and running, the faster the people you recruit will be up and running. That’s when the momentum becomes very exciting!

Relationship marketing and direct sales uses a genius distribution system and the best, most efficient and profitable system for you, the representative.

A distribution system is what delivers goods to a consumer. In traditional marketing, the cost of distribution is very high. In relationship marketing and direct sales, most of the distribution costs are illuminated and those savings are passed on to you, the reprehensive.

Let’s use a can of soda as an example.

A can of soda cost about 6 cents to manufacture for the actual soda and can. By the time the product gets marked up by manufacturer, national distributors, regional distributors, local wholesaler, advertisers, and lastly, the retail store or restaurant, it now costs $2.00. This means 85% of the cost of goods is from traditional distribution. It only cost 15% of that to manufacture the product.

In direct sales and relationship marketing, the traditional costs of distribution are given back to the individual representatives themselves. They pay you what they normally would have paid in advertising and would have paid to hire and train sales reps. Plus, they will give you on-going commissions from the customers and other reps you brought into the company for the life of that customer or rep.

Is this one of those pyramids?”What is relationship Marketing

The perception of a pyramid is people at the top make all the money and the people below do all the work. Let me ask you this… At the place you work now is there a CEO, president, vice president and managers? Is it true that the CEO earns money from the efforts of the ones doing the work below them? Is there any chance that you can make more money than the CEO or other upper-level management positions? Probably not.

The reason why relationship marketing and direct sales is so brilliant is because you, the individual, are given the same opportunity to earn off the productivity of multiple levels of brokers and agents, just as the management is in a corporation. This is true whether you personally sponsored (hired) them or not.

Another example: Think about a real estate agency. The “broker” hires several “agents” to do the work for him. When the agent sells a property, the broker gets a percentage of that sale, whether he had anything to do with that sale or not. Relationship marketing and direct sales use the same concept.

The difference with relationship marketing and direct sales commission structure is just because someone is above you, it doesn’t mean that person earns more money. If the person below him is kicking butt and building a big, profitable team and business, he will make more than the person above him.

What is relationship MarketingThe direct sales/relationship marketing structure is the most “fair” structure available. EVERYONE in the same company or organization has the same exact pay plan. The person that does the most and works the hardest earns the most money. What is that? It’s FAIR! Shouldn’t the most productive person get paid the most?

What does seniority have to do with productivity? Nothing! If you bring more profits to a company or organization, don’t you deserve more profits than anyone else? You’ll never find a person on the fifth level (an employee) of a traditional corporation or company earning more than anyone else. But, in direct sales/relationship marketing it happens all the time.

If there’s a single downfall to this business model it is the get rich syndrome.

Thinking you can get rich quick without putting in the work and effort is not reality. But, if you set realistic expectations and set a plan of action, you can be successful. With a small financial investment, a commitment of sweat equity, and hard work and dedication, anyone can be successful in relationship marketing and direct sales.

Some people may be closed-minded because they know someone who has failed.

Do you know someone that has failed at relationship marketing or direct sales? If so, how did the person that failed approach the business? Did they treat it like a business or like a hobby? You cannot objectively judge someone’s success, or lack of success, as a determining factor of what you will achieve. People fail at things all the time. People fail high school. Don’t compare yourself to people that fail.

Don’t base your decision or perception on out-dated information.

Just because you have seen this industry before or even tried it before, doesn’t mean the industry hasn’t completely changed. There are many, many people who have done this business in the past and have rejoined a company and are making a lot of money. Today, direct sales/relationship marketing companies are making so much money available to distributors it has now become a true profession.

Can I be successful in relationship marketing/direct sales?

How did you get good at or profession now? You just kept doing it until you got good at it. If there is a skill your not good at in this industry, you can change it by finding books on the subject or take a class. It’s a lot easier to learn a new skill now and start reaping the benefits in tremendous earnings than it is to keep doing what your doing and never changing your lifestyle. By running away from learning a new skill, you are only hurting yourself and your future, and that is way more difficult to live with.

If your boss offered you a BIG BONUS to learn something, would you do it?What is direct sales

If at your J-O-B you were told if you learned this new software program, we will pay you an extra $5,000 a year. Would you learn that software program? What if they told you they would pay you and extra $10,000 a year if you taught others in the office to use the program? Would you? Probably. How would you do it? You would do whatever it took to make it happen.

Now, what if the company said they would pay you an extra $50,000 a year to put together teams of people to train other people to learn the software. Would you?

That’s exactly what relationship marketing/direct sales is. Learn a new skill, teach the skill to others, then teach others to teach the skill. Easy-peasy!

Now it’s time to make your dreams come true instead of fulfilling your boss’s dreams.

Sure, it can be hard sometimes. Everything worth having is hard. But, it’s harder to go without what you want in life, and much easier to get the hard stuff out of the way now. 

Anyone seriously looking into direct sales or relationship marketing should do due diligents and research the What is Direct Salesindustry.

Here are a few excellent book recommendations:

“The Business of the 21st Century” by Robert Kiyosaki

“Your First Year in Network Marketing” by Mark Yarnell

“Think and Grow Rich,” by Neapolitan Hill

Don’t fear what others think.

In Neapolitan Hill’s book, his research revealed “fear of what others think” was one of the top reasons people didn’t achieve financial success.

If you are looking for everyone else’s approval to do something, you’re not going to get it. How many wealthy people do you think got wealthy with everyone cheering them on? Probably none.

If you made a list of the people you were worried about what they thought, it would probably be about five or less people. Would you really let five people stop you from having what you want for the rest of your life? Normally, those people were not even friends anyway. If they were, you wouldn’t fear what they would say or think. A true friend would only encourage you. 


People always say they are too busy and don’t have time. It seems time owns them, rather than they own time. You have to ask yourself? When do you expect that to change? Will it change if you keep doing what your doing? Busy, busy, busy being broke.

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. We each have the same 24 hours every day. It’s how we chose to spend that time that’s the key and what makes the difference between the wealthy and everyone else.

You are already spending valuable time right now getting good at something in your current profession. Shouldn’t it pay you a huge income and give you total time freedom? If it isn’t, you are wasting your talent and selling yourself short by working for someone else’s dream.

If it sound too good to be true, is that a good reason to stop looking?

what is direct sales

To stop looking, would not be smart business decision. You never know what this decision will do for you and for your life until you look into it further.

If you are open minded to direct sales/relationship marketing, but just want to explore a product, do it! Don’t procrastinate. The #1 killer of financial success is procrastination. They keep putting it off until tomorrow and have actually convinced themselves that they will actually do it. But they never do. Don’t let that be you. Get your product today and get started.

What company and product do I promote?

I did not write this post to recruit anyone into the company I promote. I simply wrote it to spread the word about the fantastic world of relationship marketing and direct sales. But, for those of you wondering, I will briefly tell you about the company and product I chose.

What is Relationship MarketingAfter careful consideration and research, I discovered a relationship marketing and direct sales company and product that met and exceeded the “Four principles to look for in a relationship marketing or direct sales business or company” listed above. I am absolutely thrilled with this discovery and become more and more excited about it everyday.

The company is Nerium International and their “flagship” product NeriumAD. It is a brand new, breakthrough age-defying skin care treatment that actually works! You can see my personal results by clicking here. Nerium’s new anti-aging product was recently introduced to the direct sales and relationship marketing arena and is already breaking many growth records in the industry.

One of the main reasons I chose Nerium is because the anti-aging industry is huge and growing daily. It generates 80 billion dollars alone and is expected to grow to 144 billion in the next three years. 9 out of 10 billion-dollar relationship market companies is in the beauty industry. Anti-aging is the highest selling category in beauty. And, it fit’s hugely into the big baby boomer trends discussed earlier. Click here for more information about the opportunity.

Chose a company and product today and get started!What is Relationship Marketing

No matter what relationship marketing or direct sales company and product you decide to run with, get started right away and JUST DO IT!

Remember – If you think you can, you’re right! If you think you can’t, you’re also right!

It’s all about believing in yourself.

To YOUR Youth and Success,

Tammy Carmical



what is relationship marketing

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